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September Shirt of the Month Is..........

You made your voices heard and with 32% of the vote, the September Shirt of the Month is:

If you've been supporting Mike Lindell, we want to make the deal just a little sweeter. When you make a purchase in the month of September at and use our promo code LFS6B at checkout, you'll save upwards of 50% on all the great items for sale.

Then, forward the emailed receipt you get from My Pillow (Subject: Your MyPillow Order Confirmation) and include your shirt size, to, and we'll send you the shirt of the month free !!

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I love this shirt! I've been supporting Lindell by buying most of his products which are high quality. I'll be making another order this month for the kitchen towel sets. And, I'll be wearing this shirt!!! Thank you Big D!

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