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Speaker McCarthy says documents could warrant an impeachment inquiry into President Biden

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy raised the issue of potential foreign-money corruption accusations surrounding President Biden and his son Hunter, a subject that has been widely discussed. During an interview on Fox News Channel's "Hannity," McCarthy emphasized the significance of recently discovered FBI documents and supporting bank records, characterizing them as a game changer.

According to McCarthy, these documents could warrant an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. The House Speaker also drew a parallel to Richard Nixon, the only U.S. president in history to resign amidst a cloud of corruption and abuse of power. McCarthy expressed concern that President Biden might have employed a similar approach to benefit his family and obstruct Congress from conducting necessary oversight into corruption allegations.

It is important to note that McCarthy's recent public mention of impeaching President Biden is, pathetically, a departure from the majority of Republican lawmakers. While some members of the party have discussed the possibility of impeachment, they have largely been individuals in non-leadership positions.

McCarthy believes that the current situation warrants a thorough investigation that aligns with the procedures outlined in the Constitution. His conversation with Sean Hannity centered on the Biden family's alleged use of shell companies for transferring foreign money, as well as an alleged FBI "1023" investigative document implicating foreign businessmen who claim to have bribed the Bidens.

McCarthy raised questions about the source of the money received by the Bidens, pointing out that it predominantly came from countries like China and corruption-ridden Eastern European countries rather than more traditional allies like France, Germany, or the UK.

Furthermore, McCarthy alluded to credible whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who claim that Hunter Biden's tax case exemplifies political protection.

In light of this increasingly significant and complex situation, McCarthy asserted his commitment to following the investigation through and suggested that it could ultimately lead to an impeachment inquiry, adhering to the constitutional process.

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