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Texas official switches to GOP over Dem Party’s ineffective response to ‘unprecedented’ border

, the Kleberg County Attorney, confirmed her departure from the Democratic Party and announced her switch to the GOP. In her statement, Sanchez cited the Democratic Party's ineffective response to the unprecedented border crisis as the primary reason for her decision. As County Attorney, she takes pride in collaborating with law enforcement to ensure the safety of the citizens of Kleberg County.

Sanchez believes that the policies of law and order, which focus on maintaining safety and supporting law enforcement, align best with her values and those of the citizens of Kleberg County. She looks forward to working alongside her colleagues to keep South Texas safe.

The official announcement was made during a 2024 Election Season Kickoff event hosted by the Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC. Sanchez, who has been in office since 2014, oversees the county's Specialized Crimes and Narcotics Task Force. This task force plays a vital role in intercepting deadly drugs that pass through the Southern Border before they are distributed.

Historically, Kleberg County has leaned towards the left politically, but it has demonstrated its support for former Republican Presidents such as George W. Bush and Donald Trump. The county, located in the southern part of the state, directly experiences the impact of the ongoing migrant crisis at the border.

The Hispanic Republicans of Texas PAC highlighted the trend of voters and political candidates in south Texas switching to the GOP. According to Cassy Garcia, the President of HRT, people are leaving the Democratic Party because it no longer serves their interests. Garcia emphasized the importance of pursuing policies that promote economic prosperity, ensure national security, and support individual freedom to attract more voters to the Republican Party.

Garcia further explained that the Democratic Party had become too radical, elitist, and out of touch with the values held by individuals in their community. She noted that even long-time Democratic voters are finding it difficult to relate to the party's ideology in its current state.

The decision made by Attorney Talip Sanchez to switch parties reflects the changing dynamics within the political landscape of Kleberg County and the broader region of south Texas. The Republican Party aims to build on this momentum by continuing their outreach efforts to bring more voters into their fold.

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