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Texas woman has been arrested and charged with making threats to kill U.S. District Judge Chutkan

According to court documents, a Texas woman named Abigail Jo Shry from Alvin, Texas, has been arrested and charged with making threats to kill U.S. District Judge Tanya , who oversees the 2020 election case against former President Donald Trump. The incident occurred on August 5 when Shry called the Washington, D.C., federal courthouse and left a threatening message, which included a racist term referring to Judge Chutkan. Investigators were able to track Shry's phone number, and she confessed to making the call.

During the call, Shry allegedly told the judge, "You are in our sights, we want to kill you," and also made reference to potential harm if Trump isn't re-elected in 2024. Furthermore, she reportedly threatened to kill Texas Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who is currently running for Houston mayor. As a result of these threats, a judge ordered Shry to be detained earlier this week. Shry is now being represented by the Houston public defender's office.

Additional records from Brazoria County, which encompasses Alvin, show that Shry was arrested in July for making a terrorist threat and was released on bond the following day. It is worth noting that former President Trump has criticized Judge Chutkan in the past, questioning her impartiality due to her political affiliations and sentencing decisions related to the January 6th Capitol attack cases. Notably, Trump has pleaded not guilty to the four felony charges linked to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Please note that this revised version has been extended by providing additional details and clarifying the sequence of events.

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