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The Swamp Embraces One Of Their Own

No one knows if she has written her speech for the DNC yet, but who cares, let's celebrate!

Nikki Haley, the Democratic presidential hopeful, claimed an unexpected victory on Sunday evening during the District of Columbia's 2024 GOP presidential primary.

Now, lest we not forget that DC is the only primary Haley can win because it’s over 90% Democrats.

Nikki Haley, who previously served as the Governor of South Carolina as well as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, emerged from the D.C. primary with 19 delegates to her name.

Nikki Haley made it a point to reach out to D.C. swamp Democrat voters, hitting the campaign trail in the nation's capital on Friday.

Praise for Haley's win came from all corners:

"You're the winner of the DC beltway establishment swamp! Congrats for being what we always knew you were!"

"You won the one place people know republicans shouldn’t win. You are the swamp."

"I’m glad you won because it perfectly demonstrates this election is US against the DC swamp. DC will be your only win."

"You deserved to win in DC. You have earned the votes of the lobbyists and defense contractors that make up the electorate in our Capitol. Congrats."

Wow, that has to feel good. On to Super Tuesday !!

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The swamp needs to be emptied and cleaned out and reset with trustworthy people who understand they do not control they are servants to the people of America.

Mi piace

Ugggg! 🤢🤮

Mi piace

Shes un-American! Sell out

Mi piace

Mi piace

She still hasn’t WON a STATE! Remember from grade school. Only 50 states in America.

Mi piace
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