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Trump Attorney Habba Predicts fourth indictment in the coming weeks in Georgia

During an appearance on "Sunday Morning Futures", attorney for Save America PAC, Alina Habba, made a striking statement that caught the attention of many. She confidently predicted that former President Donald Trump would face his fourth indictment in the coming weeks in Georgia.

The anticipation surrounding this investigation stemmed from a phone call that Trump had with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger back in January 2021, where they discussed a dispute on the counting of votes.

Maria Bartiromo probed Habba further during the interview. She asked, "Are you expecting an indictment in the coming two or three weeks from Georgia?" Habba's response was a resolute "yes." She went on to explain that the indicators were strong, such as Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis having her PR team create fresh pictures for her. Habba believed that this was a clear sign that Fani Willis wanted her moment and was ready to join the ranks of other corrupt DAs and AGs across the nation.

Last week, Willis herself announced that her team's work was complete, and they were "ready to go" with an indictment. The Hill reported that Habba commented on Sunday that Trump's statements, following his plea of not guilty to four federal charges, suggested that he was also prepared for the possibility of a fourth indictment.

The gravity of the situation was not lost on Habba as she passionately expressed her views, saying, "This is not America. This is not how you fight your political opponents, because you can't win on issues and you can't win on policies. Your borders are going to hell. We have drugs and a pandemic. I mean, it's a mess. Our country is a mess." She emphasized that the repeated arrests of Trump were intended to distract the public from the corruption happening within the Biden administration, as well as the policies they couldn't effectively win on.

Interestingly, while charges against Trump continue to accumulate, the focus on President Joe Biden has not been completely overshadowed. A probe into Biden, originally initiated by Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, has gained momentum. House Oversight Chair James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, has since taken over the investigation, adding fuel to the already intense talks of impeachment. The recent testimony of Hunter Biden's business associate, Devon Archer, further drove attention to this ongoing probe.

With these developments, it is clear that the political landscape remains charged and engaging. The anticipation surrounding Trump's potential fourth indictment and the parallel investigation into President Biden continue to captivate headlines, leaving the public eager to see how these complex situations unfold.

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