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Trump makes significant change to his legal team just before his anticipated surrender.

Former President Donald Trump made a significant change to his legal team just before his anticipated surrender to Fulton County officials in Georgia. Drew Findling, Trump's attorney in Georgia, was replaced by Atlanta-based lawyer Steven Sadow right before the scheduled surrender, as reported by CNN.

His bail has already been set at $200,000, and conditions include an agreement not to intimidate any of the co-defendants, witnesses, or victims in the case, including through social media. During the booking process, Trump is expected to become the first former U.S. president to have a mug shot taken, according to The Associated Press.

Sadow expressed the belief that the president should not have been indicted and emphasized Trump's innocence regarding all charges brought against him. The legal team eagerly anticipates the case being dismissed or, if necessary, a fair trial where an unbiased jury finds the president not guilty.

On the day of surrender, Trump is not expected to enter a plea for the 13 charges, which include racketeering and conspiring to commit forgery. Unlike other jurisdictions where the arrest and arraignment occur within a short time frame, Fulton County typically schedules arraignments for a different day.

As a result, Trump may have to make multiple trips to Georgia in the coming weeks. However, the Fulton County Sheriff's Office mentioned the possibility of virtual arraignments or waiving the arraignment, based on a judge's decision.

Several of Trump's co-defendants, including attorneys John Eastman, Rudy Guiliani, and Sidney Powell, have already surrendered to Fulton County jail.

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