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Trump prepares to take the witness stand in N.Y. trial

Former President Donald Trump is slated to take the witness stand on Monday in the ongoing New York civil case surrounding his family business. Since early October, Mr. Trump has utilized the Manhattan courthouse as a platform to criticize prosecutors and Judge Arthur Engoron.

However, his role will now shift from hallway commentary to defending his business under oath. The allegations against him contend that he submitted fraudulent financial statements to secure favorable loan and insurance terms.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, anticipates a contentious legal showdown. In a social media video, she asserts, "Next week, Donald Trump himself will take the stand. And while I am sure he will try to hide his wrongdoing behind taunts, threats, and name-calling, we will not be bullied out of uncovering the truth.

While the former president is widely known for his unrestrained rhetoric, his appearance on the witness stand will undoubtedly present a more unusual setting compared to his characteristic rallies. Robert Sanders, a distinguished lecturer on national security and law at the University of New Haven, predicts that the ex-president's bombastic nature will likely be constrained by the formalities of the courtroom proceedings: "He'll be as forceful as the judge allows him to be. Keep in mind that he's under oath, so his usual flamboyant style might be dialed down due to the nature of the legal proceedings."

Mr. Trump's testimony will follow the statements of his two elder sons, who have already appeared in court.

During his testimony, Eric Trump was questioned about the steps he took to verify the accuracy of the information before certifying his father's financial statements for lender Deutsche Bank. Eric vehemently maintained that he would never sign something that was inaccurate, highlighting his reliance on a leading accounting firm and a formidable legal team.

Outside the courtroom, Eric Trump dismissed the case as a "charade" and a misuse of taxpayer dollars. In a recent statement, he confidently asserted, "We are determined to emerge victorious in this endeavor. I assure you that we have acted with utmost integrity throughout."

Furthermore, during a preceding court hearing, Donald Trump Jr. testified that he heavily relied on the expertise of qualified accountants and legal advisors when compiling financial statements that are central to Ms. James' complaint.

Facing multiple impending criminal trials in the upcoming year, Mr. Trump contends that this lawsuit is just one element of a broader conspiracy aimed at thwarting his political aspirations. He also argues that Ms. James is attempting to penalize him for engaging in common real estate practices.

The responsibility of determining the liability of Mr. Trump and his sons, as well as determining the appropriate course of action, lies with Judge Engoron, who will render the verdict without a trial by jury.

Prior to the commencement of the trial, the judge had already held the Trumps accountable for one of the claims made by Ms. James. Adding to the courtroom drama, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the former president, is scheduled to provide her testimony on Wednesday, despite her failed attempts to avoid doing so, as ruled by the appeals court.

While Ms. Trump is not a named defendant in this particular lawsuit, Judge Engoron's decision highlights the relevance of her testimony due to past business involvements within New York.

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Valerie Porizek
Valerie Porizek
21 nov. 2023

Awesome. He will be great as always. They fear President Trump.

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