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Trump to back Jim Jordan for House Speaker

Former President Donald Trump has announced his endorsement of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Oh.) for House Speaker.

This news was shared by Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Tx) on X, formerly known as Twitter. Nehls expressed his support for Jordan and emphasized the importance of listening to the leader of their party. In addition, Trump revealed that he plans to visit the Capitol next week.

It is worth noting that the role of the House Speaker doesn't necessarily need to be held by a member of Congress, which has led to speculations of Trump himself potentially assuming the position. The recent ousting of Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as House Speaker by eight House Republicans has further intensified the Speaker's race.

The ousting was influenced by concerns over McCarthy's handling of budget negotiations. Both Jordan and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) have declared their intentions to run for the position of House Speaker.

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Valerie Porizek
Valerie Porizek
Oct 07, 2023

Really like this. He will do an awesome job for us.

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