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Truth Social sues 20 media companies for defamation

Truth Social, a social media company backed by Donald Trump, recently initiated a defamation lawsuit against 20 major social media companies. The plaintiff, Trump Media & Technology Group Corp, filed the suit against prominent media outlets such as The Guardian, Hollywood Reporter, Miami Herald, Reuters, Rolling Stone, The Hill, Deadline, Benzinga, Marketwatch, Forbes, Axios, The Daily Beast, Gizmodo, Salon, The New York Daily News, Newsweek, MSNBC, Mediaite, The Daily Mail, and CNBC.

The lawsuit alleges an orchestrated and unprecedented media campaign by these outlets to target Trump Media & Technology Group and its social media platform, Truth Social, by spreading false information regarding a purported loss of $73 million by the company. According to the suit, this loss figure is a complete fabrication, and all defendants, seemingly working together, published news articles with headlines about the alleged loss within 24 hours of each other. The suit claims that while all the defendants referenced an SEC filing, this specific loss amount is not mentioned in the cited document.

Truth Social argues that this coordinated effort was intended to tarnish the company's reputation and hinder an anticipated merger. The suit highlights that all the defendants ran nearly identical headlines suggesting that "Trump's Truth Social" had incurred a loss of "$73 million."

The alleged defamation has had a profound impact on Truth Social, causing significant harm to its operations, management, and overall credibility. It has also impeded the company's ability to raise additional funds during the ongoing SEC merger proceedings.

The CEO of Rumble, Chris Pavlovski, expressed support for Truth Social's defamation lawsuit and stated that the tide is turning against corporate media and activists who will now face the consequences of their actions. Additionally, Rumble has announced its plans to take similar legal action in response to defamatory content.

This defamation lawsuit follows Elon Musk's company, X, also filing a suit against Media Matters. X took legal action after the publication accused the platform of displaying ads alongside antisemitic content. As the legal landscape shifts, it appears that social media companies are becoming increasingly determined to protect their reputation and hold the media accountable for their reporting.

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