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Tulsi Gabbard strongly criticized Joe Biden. Calls his handling a "horrible, horrible disservice."

Tulsi Gabbard strongly criticized Joe Biden and his administration's handling of the devastating Maui fires, branding it as a "horrible, horrible disservice." Expressing her concern, Gabbard highlighted that it has been eight days since the wildfire occurred, yet the affected community is still awaiting a response from the county, state, and federal government to aid them.

She emphasized that the community support hubs are entirely driven by volunteers, organizing supply collections and coordinating relief efforts by themselves. This lack of government assistance has left the affected individuals feeling neglected and unsupported in their time of immense loss.

Gabbard stressed that the crisis in Maui is ongoing and called attention to the stark contrast between the limited $700 payment offered by FEMA to the impacted residents and the significant sums of money being allocated to Ukraine.

Reflecting the frustration of the community, some suggested changing Maui's name to Ukraine in the hopes of garnering attention and aid. It is concerning that Biden has barely addressed the Maui fires, as evidenced by his smirking response and disregard for questions about the rising death toll.

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