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U.S. selects roughly 2,000 troops for potential deployment to support Israel

The Pentagon has recently designated a contingent of approximately 2,000 soldiers for a potential deployment, in response to a potential Israeli land invasion of the Gaza Strip, currently controlled by the Hamas terrorist group.

Since an Oct. 7 Hamas raid, where terrorists breached the coastal territory, capturing Israeli border towns, taking hostages, and causing significant civilian casualties, the situation in the area has continued to escalate. The Israel Defense Forces were taken by surprise by the scale and extent of the raid, prompting a series of major retaliatory strikes on the Gaza Strip in preparation for a planned ground assault.

It is important to note that American troops are not expected to directly engage in combat. Their role is envisioned primarily as providing support, advisory services, and medical assistance, as indicated by sources like the Wall Street Journal. The 2,000-strong contingent is expected to be drawn from troops stationed mainly in the Middle East and Europe.

While many details regarding the deployment, such as specific locations and mission parameters, are still unclear, any potential operations would likely aim to reinforce Israeli ground efforts.

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Nasser Kanaani stated that the terrorist group would release the 199 hostages under its custody if Israel ceased its bombardment of Gaza. However, it is important to note that the terror cell itself has not issued any official statement regarding this matter.

It is worth mentioning that Iran has a longstanding history of support for Hamas, and it has faced scrutiny due to allegations of involvement in organizing the aforementioned raid. Nevertheless, Hamas has denied any such connection.

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