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"Uncovering Alleged Irregularities: IRS Whistleblowers Raise Concerns About Hunter Biden Tax Investigation"

The leading Republican heads of three House committees have taken action in the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, focusing specifically on the treatment of certain whistleblowers associated with the Hunter Biden case. These chairmen sent formal requests for information from the Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, and special counsel David Weiss, pressing for details on the claims of retaliation against individuals who reported potential misconduct last year.

Two IRS agents, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, earlier brought up issues with the House Ways and Means Committee regarding what they believed to be unwarranted favorable handling of Hunter Biden by the DOJ during an investigation into his tax affairs. They suggested that there were attempts to shield Hunter Biden by blocking crucial search warrants and stifling the collection of information linked to Joe Biden.

In response to their accusations, Hunter Biden's attorney, Abbe Lowell, tried to undermine the credibility of these agents in communications with the House committee. This legal standoff escalated when Hunter Biden initiated legal action against the IRS, claiming that his confidential tax information had been illegally shared by the whistleblowers.

Chairmen Jim Jordan of the Judiciary Committee, James Comer of the Oversight Committee, and Jason Smith of the Ways and Means Committee have raised concerns that the responsive measures from Hunter Biden's legal advisors may have prompted a retaliatory probe into the agents' conduct.

According to a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, penned by the trio of chairmen, there's been what they deem an "intense intimidation drive" against Shapley and Ziegler, which includes maligning them with unfounded accusations and lobbying for a DOJ investigation despite their whistleblower activities being legally protected.

The committees' investigation has led to evidence suggesting that the DOJ might have indeed started probing the agents. Firm in their stance against retaliation, the chairmen emphasized the crucial role of whistleblowers in exposing and addressing government inefficiencies and corruption. They strongly affirmed the legal safeguards in place to protect whistleblowers from punitive actions.

Alluding to broader issues, the chairmen expressed alarm over what they perceive as the ongoing misuse of federal authority. They insist that all actions aiming to threaten, probe, or retaliate against Shapley and Ziegler must cease immediately, highlighting that they'll not stand for any form of intimidation against the men who legally reported their concerns to Congress.

To conclude their efforts, in each of the three formal notices, the house leaders have called upon the DOJ, IRS, and Special Counsel Weiss to safeguard all relevant records and furnish any materials related to investigations involving Shapley and Ziegler. They are committed to ensuring accountability and maintaining the integrity afforded to government whistleblowers.

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