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Voters in Kentucky Provide Us With The Best Video of the Year. Bravo !!

Voters at the Fancy Farm picnic in Kentucky over the weekend greeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) with resounding chants of "retire" and "ditch Mitch." The atmosphere was buzzing as people expressed their discontent, and throughout McConnell's five-minute speech, the sound of booing and persistent chants of "lost the senate," "retire," and "ditch Mitch" filled the air. Remarkably, McConnell maintained a steely composure, soldiering through the tumultuous crowd.

These chants for McConnell to retire come on the heels of a recent incident where he froze in the middle of a press conference, leaving onlookers puzzled and concerned. Reports emerged that he had, in fact, suffered a fall while disembarking a plane earlier that month, weeks prior to the troubling freeze incident. According to two reliable sources familiar with the fall, it occurred at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and fortunately, McConnell did not sustain any significant injuries. Despite the setback, he promptly resumed his duties as if nothing had occurred.

NBC News, in an exclusive report, shed light on the previously undisclosed fall incident. On July 14, after the flight out of Washington was canceled, chaos ensued as passengers were still on board. In an unforeseen turn of events, McConnell, who was one of the passengers, experienced a "face plant," as described by an eyewitness on the plane. Speaking to NBC News, this witness also disclosed that they had conversed with another passenger who provided assistance to McConnell following the fall.

In light of his history of challenging falls, McConnell has taken precautions to navigate crowded airports by using a wheelchair. Being a polio survivor, he knows all too well the risks associated with mobility. Earlier this year, McConnell suffered a concussion and a cracked rib in a fall in Washington, leading him to spend six weeks away from the Senate. Despite these setbacks, his determination remains unwavering, and his commitment to serving the people endures.

The journey of Mitch McConnell is a testament to resilience in the face of adversity. As the echoes of "retire" and "ditch Mitch" reverberate, his unwavering spirit continues to hold firm, forging ahead with a staunch dedication to public service.

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