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Voters Reject GOP-Backed Proposal To Make It Harder To Amend State Constitution in Ohio

In a decisive response on Tuesday, Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected a Republican-backed measure aimed at increasing the difficulty of amending the state's constitution. This outcome lays the foundation for a forthcoming fall campaign that will serve as the latest national referendum on abortion rights, following the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade last year.

Dubbed "Issue 1," the proposal's defeat ensures that future constitutional amendments will continue to require a simple majority threshold, rather than a proposed 60 percent supermajority. Advocates of the higher bar argued it would safeguard the state's foundational document from undue influence by external interest groups.

Opposition to the measure extended far and wide, even pervading traditionally Republican strongholds. Initial returns showed that support for the measure fell significantly below President Trump's performance during the 2020 election in nearly every county.

President Biden wasted no time applauding Tuesday's result, issuing a statement that read: "This measure was a blatant attempt to diminish the voices of voters and further undermine women's freedom to make choices about their healthcare. Ohioans have spoken resoundingly, and tonight democracy triumphed."

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, a prominent national organization opposing abortion rights, lamented the outcome as "a sad day for Ohio." They criticized the infusion of outside funding into the opposition's campaign, despite both sides relying on support from national groups and individuals.

This resounding rejection by Ohio voters sheds light on a critical debate that resonates far beyond state lines. As the nation looks ahead, it's clear that the battle over abortion rights continues to shape the narrative of American democracy.

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