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Washington Judge Rules Trump to Stay on Ballot Despite 14th Amendment Challenge

The Honorable Superior Court Judge Mary Sue Wilson, in a display of judicial integrity and adherence to the rule of law, dismissed a challenge regarding the eligibility of former President Donald Trump to appear on the Washington general and primary ballots. These concerns were raised by a group of state residents who argued that his participation in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot warranted disqualification under the "insurrection" provision of the 14th Amendment.

Judge Wilson, after careful deliberation, determined that the inclusion of Mr. Trump on the list of candidates for the Evergreen State ballots was conducted appropriately by Maine Secretary of State Steve Hobbs. In her well-reasoned written statement, the judge emphasized that an order from the court, instigating alternative actions by the secretary of state, would lack statutory support and contradict the sworn affidavit of the electors involved in the case.

This legal saga has gained significant attention as it highlights the constitutional intricacies involved in determining eligibility for elected office. The Supreme Court, recognizing the importance of this matter, is scheduled to hear oral arguments on Feb. 8 as part of Mr. Trump's appeal of a Colorado Supreme Court decision that disqualified him.

Challenges to political candidates' eligibility are an integral part of our democratic process, ensuring the integrity and fairness of our elections. The decision rendered by Judge Wilson serves as a reminder of the crucial role our judiciary plays in upholding the principles that form the bedrock of our great nation.

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I agree whole heartedly! I am sick and tired of being railroaded by liberals in our legislature. We The People of Southwest Washington never get our voices heard because of the people of the Seattle area push their agenda onto the rest of the state. I am sure rural Eastern Washington residents feel the same darn way.


State of Washington is becoming more like a Marxist communistic state, a dictator state the state belongs to the people that pay taxes that are productive citizens not just a few of the liberal judges that are appointed to their positions. It is my opinion those positions need to be reevaluated and unbiased individuals need to be appointed to those positions, this should never happen in any state

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